Our Preschool Philosophy

2013-10-09 11.08.03Blossom Hill Country Day School is founded on the belief that every child has the potential for unlimited learning. Our teaching approach is aimed at freeing students from any self-imposed limitations, allowing them to fully utilize their own inner resources. Learning becomes a fun, fulfilling, and highly anticipated journey as students learn to unleash their personal potential.

Our learning approach seeks to engage the total child to create the optimum learning environment. Faculty and students work together to build intellectual strength and excellence in academics through creative thinking. Since enhanced learning can only be achieved through optimum mental, physical, and emotional health, children are also bh-15taught to appreciate proper nutrition, exercise, relaxation, work, and play as integral parts of the higher learning experience in a structured environment.

In developing the total person, there is a focus on self-responsibility. Children learn that they are responsible for their actions and behaviors, as well as their feelings and emotions, in an environment that relates to all with a deep respect. Blossom Hill Country Day School believes that all students can learn to use their inner resources to maintain their own mental health, achieve deeper levels of awareness, and to make responsible decisions.

The individuality of each child is embraced and encouraged.

apple1All students of Blossom Hill Country Day School are guided, in a structured environment, to view their life experiences with fresh, new thinking and to find a variety of ways to solve problems constructively. They learn to view mistakes as learning opportunities, and to respect learning as a fulfilling lifelong experience.