Preschool Daily Discoveries

Our Experiences in Preschool Shape our Journey of Learning

From Toddlers to Preschool to Pre-K and Kindergarten, every child learns and discovers in their own unique ways. Our teachers promote those small discoveries by being an active participant and allowing for the children to take lead in their learning.  The featured pictures are just small snapshots of how we grow, learn, and think, and play. Our preschool, located in the heart of residential Clinton Township, NJ, is the only preschool in town that offers the following curriculum:

  • Nature Exploration and Discovery on 4.5 Acres of green grass and rolling hills
  • Weekly Music Instruction from a premier private instructor
  • Daily Spanish and Sign Language Integration
  • Hands-on Daily Science Activities
  • Monthly Cooking and Nutrition Lessons
  • Expressional Art
  • Creative Movement and Fitness
  • We have our own YouTube Creative Movement and Fitness Channel¬†